By 1830, the average American was drinking 1.7 bottles worth of hard liquor a week!

The average consumption of hard liquor by Americans in the 1830s is three times the amount consumed on average today. Many of the founding fathers were major drinkers. John Adams is said to have drank hard cider for breakfast and James Madison drank a pint of whiskey a day. 

It is kind of no surprise that some people got sick of all the drinking and a movement arose to dry out the nation. The movement eventually went so far as to passing a movement that completely banned alcohol known as Prohibition. 

The only thing that Prohibition really seemed to prove was that if Americans were demoralized by alcohol, outlawing it was even worse. Prohibition made criminals out of casual drinkers and sowed the seed of the Mob. It encouraged criminal behavior out of men who were reasonably good.

Prohibition and the 18th amendment lasted from 1919 until 1933. Once it was repealed, drug task forces began and the U.S. took on a different sin to rid its country of.