This may surprise you, but rapper/actor Snoop Dogg has occasionally been known for use of marijuana. Now that that bomb shell is out of the way, according to Cameron Diaz, Snoop’s courtship of cannabis began at a much younger age. 

She said “[Snoop Dogg] was a year older than me... I remember him, he was very tall and skinny. He wore lots of ponytails.” Diaz goes on to say “I’m pretty sure I bought weed from him,” joking “I was green even in high school!” 

Today, Snoop has a medical marijuana card due to migraines, so it seems he has to suffer through taking more marijuana to lessen the effects of his condition. Diaz also apparently got in many fights during high school, mostly with other boys. 

She says that whenever she heard a locker slam, girls were taking off their earrings and getting into fights. Strangely, she got into more fights with boys than girls. 

To those of you going to school in Long Beach, California now (where she and Snoop went to school), are fights still so frequent? Fill us in in the comments section!