A man named Heinz Heger was being kept in the Flossenberg concentration camp when he witnessed a very strange form of torture. One of the other men was being tickled with goose feathers. The man was naked and his feet, armpits, legs, and other parts of his body were tickled. 

The man initially bore the torture in silence, but he eventually began laughing, which then turned into sobbing. Heger would later describe the strange incident in his book The Men with the Pink Triangle. 

Surprisingly, tickle torture, though still uncommon, is not limited to this one example. In Europe, for example, a common torture was dipping a victims feet in salt water and having a goat lick the salt water off. When the salt water was completely licked off the process would be repeated. 

The victims' feet were constantly tickled by the goat’s tongue as a form of torture. Japan also has records of a torture called kusuguri-zeme, which is basically “merciless tickling.” 

Tickling has also been noted as a contributing form of abuse in victims being abused by their siblings. It’s amazing to realize that something that is used for fun can also be used for torture. Do you hate being tickled?