Weird Al Yankovic found out his parents had passed away a few hours before a concert and decided to still play!

Yankovic was getting ready to play a concert in Minnesota when he received the news that his parents had passed away. His parents had started a fire in their fireplace, but the flu was closed. They died of asphyxiation from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Yankovic decided to continue with the show, despite the grave news. His music had helped many people through hard times and he was hoping it would help him through his own. In a letter to his fans on his website he thanked everyone for their support. 

He said he had some comfort in the fact that they died together and never had to live without each other. They also were able to meet his wife Suzanne and their daughter Nina. He thought about cancelling some of his shows, but ended up feeling the shows were therapeutic for him. What he did do was suspend meet and greets and interviews.