A group of people illegally lived in a man made apartment in a mall’s parking garage!

Townsend, a 36-year-old artist, built a 750 square foot apartment in 2003 and would live there for up to three weeks at a time. They built a nonchalant cinderblock wall and door to keep the loft hidden from the outside world, yet inside there was a fully furnished apartment! 

The apartment was completely livable down to a hutch filled with china and a Playstation 2! However, one drawback was that there was no running water, so inhabitants were forced to use mall bathrooms. Why would someone do this? Being an artist, Townsend claims he was “inspired” by a mall advertisement for Christmas that featured an enthusiastic female voice about how nice it would be to live at the mall. 

He claims that he did this “out of a compassion to understand the mall more and life as a shopper.” When Townsend was discovered he was arrested, yet the authorities were so intrigued by the entire situation that they videotaped what they found.