Leslie Nielsen’s grave is park bench!

Leslie Nielsen was a Canadian and later American actor and comedian. He appeared in more than one hundred films, 1500 television shows, and portrayed more than 220 characters in the span of his 54-year long career. You may know him from his memorable roles as President Harris in Scary Movies 3 and 4. 

Leslie Nielson loved making people laugh, even if it meant doing it from the grave. Thus, his tombstone is a park bench which engraved with his trademark quote; “sit down whenever you can.” In 2002 interview regarding his film “Men with Brooms” (which centered on curling), Neilson mentioned that he studied the women’s curing teams at the Olympics and noticed how the “kept the rock in closer to them, and [sat] down more on their legs.”

He declared then that if he ever gets into another curling movie he’ll sit down, and that’s his advice to actors “Always sit down. Whenever you can.” Whether by that he meant “take time to relax whenever you can” or “focus intently on the task” or “don’t work harder than you have to,” we can never be sure.