The 52 per deck playing cards were created roughly 500 years ago. Now, if the current population of 6 billion people was constant for those 500 years, we would be a total of 9x10^19 person-seconds. 

If every single human alive for those 500 years shuffled a deck of cards, one deck per second, we’d end up with that many decks shuffled; 9x10^9. The number of possible permutations (or arrangements) of a deck of cards is 8x10^64. That’s greater than the number of stars in the observable universe (7x10^22)! 

More importantly, it’s greater than the total number of decks that can be shuffled if an unrealistic constant population of 6 billion over a course of 5 centuries devoted their entire lives to shuffling!

All of this mind-blowing math equals to the fact that each time you shuffle a deck of cards, you are almost certainly creating an arrangement which the universe has never beheld. Assuming of course that our alien brethren haven’t gotten a hold of playing cards.