An handless man led his army with knives tied to his stubs

In the 1500s, Galvarino, a Mapuche warrior, raised an army to fight the Spaniards after they cut off his hands and he fought with swords tied to his stubs! Galvarino was a famous Mapuche warrior a tribe from what is now Chile.

During the Arauco War he was taken captured and taken prisoner during the Battle of Lagunillas against the governor. Another 150 mapuches were captured, as well.

For punishment, they cut off both of Galvarino’s hands. They released Galvarino and the others to show the other Mapuches what would happen if another insurrection occurred.

Galvarino went to the Mapuche council and showed his mutilated hands and demanded they raise an army to go after the Spaniards who did it. In honor of his bravery, they made Galvarino commander of a squadron.

Galvarino had knives fastened to both of his wrists and fought against the governor himself and his army in the Battle of Millarapue along with his squadron. Sadly, after only an hour of fighting, the governor broke Galvarino’s division.

They killed three thousand Indians, captured eight hundred more, and won the battle. The governor ordered for Galvarino to be hung to death.