Statistics show that 42% of college graduates never read another book after college!

Reading has become a chore for many Americans. Reading books aside from assigned reading is rare for students. It becomes just another thing to be done. 

One third of high school graduates never read a book again after graduating either. People would rather watch the movie when it comes out than sit down and read the book. Our imaginations and our vocabulary are stunted when we discontinue reading. 

Reading proficiency in the U.S. has decreased greatly in the last 20 years. Young adults went from reading the most to reading the least of all age groups. Reading is extremely important for us. Our very nature is to be self centered. 

Reading fiction allows one to see through someone else’s eyes and understand their struggles and psychology. It allows us to open up and understand others. Readers are more likely to partake in positive social and civic behavior over non-readers. 

Readers are two to three times more likely to do charity and volunteer work than non-readers and they are 300% more likely to go to the theater and museums. A reader is also more likely to exercise than non-readers are and participate in community activities. Reading is really important and it is becoming a lost past time.