Soldiers in the Israeli army who play Dungeons and Dragons are sent for psychological help!

Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, is an extremely popular roleplaying game in which one player assumes the position of "Dungeon Master" while the others choose from various characters such as warriors, magicians, and dwarves, and then play against each other. 

Some players called “LARPers" take it to another level and dress as the characters to fight a mock battle outside. Why would the Israeli army be so against D&D? They claim that those who participate in the game, "are dethatched from reality and susceptible to influence."

If a person admits to playing D&D to the army they are automatically placed in low security clearance and are sent to a psychologist. Because the game is not specifically a game of winners and losers, the army is especially disturbed because they believe participants enter into a completely false world. 

Unfortunately for Israeli Defense Forces, the amount of people who play D&D has increased dramatically since the Lord of The Rings movies were released!