I know you probably found that as funny as I did, but carrot addiction is no laughing matter. Victims find themselves munching through pounds of carrot every day and often can’t stop thinking about them when they’re not eating any. 

The soles of their feet turn orange and the whites of their eyes can often end up tinted too. But surely carrot addiction’s a good thing? After all, vegetables are a lot healthier than cigarettes or alcohol. 

Alas, no. Carrots contain vitamin A, which despite being essential to life, can kill if you have too much in your system. This happens because your liver has to work overtime to regulate it and ultimately ends up failing. Large doses of vitamin A can also cause osteoporosis. 

One of the biggest problems carrot addicts face is getting help. Many people will laugh in victims’ faces and even some doctors will deny it is a real condition. Addicts can quit, though. One woman managed to kick her habit with support as easily as most smokers.