A man in India planted a tree over 30 years ago, which has since grown into a forest!

Jadav Payeng has singlehandedly created his own jungle where there used to be not a single tree. Over 30 years ago Payeng planted the first seed, and since then 1,360 acres of jungle have developed. 

Why would a man create his own jungle? Back in 1979 extreme floods pushed thousands of snakes up onto the sandbar near Payeng, all of which eventually died from the heat.

He says when he saw the dead reptiles he wept at the unneeded massive loss of life. Had there been trees there, the snakes would have survived, thus Payeng set about creating his own sprawling jungle composed of birds, deer, rhinos, tigers, and even elephants for which he has become world renowned. 

If you were able to create your own ecosystem, what would you have in it?