The idea of a hotel in a tree might strike you as either really cool or a little sketchy, but the Treehotel in Sweden has perfected it.
Hotels that have rooms in trees can be found in numerous places. One such hotel is located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. What makes Sweden's Treehotel so exemplary, though, is how much effort is put into it. Where other tree hotels often have smaller bungalow-type huts, the Treehotel has rooms with breakfast, lunch, dinner, spa, TV, and internet available.
One of the rooms at Sweden's Treehotel is covered on the outside with mirrors, making it nearly look like camouflage, and helping preserve the more natural look of the environment around. 

To spend a night there, it would run you up to $680. 
The website boasts the secluded mountain experience it offers, as well as its vast views of nature. You can read all about what the hotel has to offer at its website, found here