Death by PowerPoint is a common phrase you hear in businesses that rely too much on using the software to convey large amounts of information. As it turns out, the US Military adopted a PowerPoint-briefing program that is having similarly detrimental effect because of how it reduces complex situations into long bullet point lists that simply cannot convey the complexities of the world.

The military has become too dependent on PowerPoint presentations for their debriefing and strategy meetings, and they have become a running joke to many military personnel. They are less thorough and have caused some problems with missions relaying information. Some Generals believe that PowePoints create an illusion of understanding and control that simply isn't there. On the other hand, if they are thorough, you get complex messes that are impossible to understand. Just look at the slide on the right. That's an actual US Military PowerPoint slide

In all seriousness, though, the program has had both positive and negative effects in the military. They also take military personnel’s time away from other tasks to create the slides. It works great on reporters, though, because slides are so uninteresting that the reporters lose interest and stop listening to the information they're hearing.