In 1979, Orlando Serrell was 10 years old. While playing baseball, he got hit in the head with the ball and fell to the ground. After getting back up, he returned to playing the game and never told his parents about what happened. 

Since he never told his parents about it, he never went to the doctor. He had headaches for a long time, but eventually they went away. Soon after, he realized that his head injury had given him an uncanny ability for calendrical calculations (calculations relating to calendar dates). He is known as an acquired savant, which is the term used for people who acquires knowledge skills through some kind of external force or trauma. 

He can recall the weather and what he’s done every day since the accident. News crews became very interested in Serrell and in 2002 Dateline gave him a call. He was invited to the University of Columbia to undergo an MRI on his brain. Dateline taped the whole thing, and verified his exceptional abilities.