Want to become a Lord or Lady? It'll be less than $50!

We've talked about Sealand before. It's the tiny nation that was created as an independent micro-nation on top of a former British WWII sea fort. The country uses the fact that it's an independent nation to its fullest extent. For example, one of their biggest businesses is online gambling. It's highly regulated almost everywhere, except on Sealand. 

The most curious business they have, however, is the fact that they sell Nobility Titles! You can go on their website and for £29.99, you can become a Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness of Sealand! If you have higher aspirations, you can pay £199.99 to become a Count or Countess of Sealand. 

What are you waiting for? The night is dark and full of terrors, so arm yourself with your sword and your title and you'll be all set for when winter comes. If any of you do end up buying this let us know in the comments!