This all came to because the original backers, EMI Films, got cold feet at the last minute because they thought the theme of the movie could generate a huge controversy. George Harrison decided to take matters into his own hands and start a company called “Handmade Films”. 

Handmade Films then funded the movie with £3 million, all because George Harrison really wanted to see the movie. Eric Idle described this as the most expensive movie ticket in history. Well, that’s not entirely true. George Harrison did have an uncredited cameo as Mr. Papadopoulos. 

They originally weren’t going to create a third movie, but after the success of “The Holy Grail”, people kept asking when their new movie would come out. At first, they just responded out of frustration that the main topic was going to be Jesus Christ. The idea took shape and it went from a joke response to a real film.

Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam, despite being non-believers, agreed that Jesus was “definitely a good guy” and found nothing to mock in his actual teachings. Then after choosing the name Brian for the main character, they decided to make the movie about a person mistaken for the Messiah, but didn’t want to be followed.