It sounds strange, but Pee-Wee Herman once teamed up with PURINA in an attempt to produce "Pee-Wee"Chow, a dog food themed sugar-free kid's cereal. Paul Rubens, Pee-wee Herman’s creator, tried to introduce this odd product for children in the 90’s. 
He was inspired by the idea of kids eating cereal just like dogs eat their food. He disclosed this information in an interview several years later. He thought that it would have been the coolest thing for kids and saw a lot of potential. 
He had already spoken with Purina to produce a sugar free cereal that tasted just like Trix. He even planned the commercial and described it something like this: "…It was going to be a mom, a 1950s mom pouring a bowl and putting it on the floor and kids, like, crawling up and eating it". 
Yes, he actually wanted kids to eat their cereal the way dogs do. Flavor testing did not go well, and the project got scrapped. Pee-Wee Herman was not involved in with the flavor testing, but he said the company reported that kids wanted something sweeter. He suspects (but doesn’t know for sure) that kids were not served the cereal like dogs, and that didn’t do his product any favors.