With 15 seasons and 180 episodes under its belt, Arthur claims silver for the longest running animated series originating in the US. The American/Canadian children’s educational series follows the daily adventures of 8-year old aardvark (not anteater!) Arthur, and his interactions with a selection of equally colourful characters. 

The television program is inspired by the book series, written and illustrated by Marc Brown. The show is unique for explaining social and health-related issues to children effectively and clearly, such as the death of a pet, dyslexia, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. It’s has also grown into a franchise which includes video games and music albums. 

Arthur has accomplished a lot for an 8-year old aardvark; including four Daytime Emmy Awards and the 26th spot on TV Guide’s “50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time.” The show has shaped many an after school schedule and followed some of its fans into adulthood. 

Neither Arthur, nor the Simpsons can hold a candle to the longest running animated show, an Anime from Japan called Sazae-san, which has been in production since 1969 and has around 6500 episodes so far