What was intended to be Asia’s largest theme park is now possibly the “Scariest Place on Earth.” In 1998, the Reignwood Group (a Thai-owned property developer) began plans to re-create Wonderland on 120 acres in Chenzhuang, China. But by 2000, the deal collapsed as developers, the Government and farmers could not agree on the land’s value. 

Reignwood abandoned construction and moved onto projects of golf courses and luxury hotels. Now, rather than children and costumed character, the skeletal “Cinderella’s Castle” is surrounded by fields of corn. Attempts to give new life to this project in 2008 also failed. 

  The project intended to reap profits from a growing middle class with unprecedented amounts of time and money on their hands. Now, the dystopian Disneyland is fairly easy to visit if you are China’s more adventurous tourist. 

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