15 TV Celebrity Facts You Don't Actually Need To Know

Posted Jun 09, by Val Liarikos

Jason Alexander is forever immortalized as George Costanza, Jerry Seinfeld’s best friend, in the hit 90s sitcom Seinfeld. Costanza is neurotic, so neurotic that he starts seeing a shrink for awhile. He’s also misanthropic, thinking anything good that happens to him will bring him punishment from God. 

He overanalyzes everything and his shortcomings make him loveable and somehow very honest. It makes him go through girlfriends like crazy. Over the course of 9 seasons, Costanza has 43 girlfriends. At one point he gets engaged and tries that out, but it ends disastrously. 

His relationships last a very short while before they crash and burn, too, or fizzle out. George’s parents are Frank and Estella, who he lives with for awhile. He says he lost his virginity to Ms. Stafford, his homeroom teacher. 

Jerry humors his need to over express himself and overanalyze things. By the end of the series, George is womanless. 


When Peter Jackson originally cast Ryan Gosling to play the father role in his adaptation of The Lovely Bones. Just a few weeks before the movie was scheduled to start shooting, Gosling was let go and recast by Mark Whalberg.

Reports at the time varied as to what the reason was for the recast. The most circulated explanation was that Jackson thought Gosling was too young to play the part. Some other people said that Gosling had been too demanding and that made working with him difficult.

Later, however, Gosling himself explained the real reason for his firing. Gosling gained 60 lbs for the role because he thought that would be the best direction for the character. Jackson disagreed and he was fired.

In case you were wondering, Gosling's secret for getting fat? Drink melted Haagen Das instead of water.


Game of Thrones is in an interesting position compared to most book-to-film adaptations because the book series it’s based on is still not finished. Author George R. R. Martin is notorious for being a slow writer and in fact, has even told the show’s creators how he plans for the series to end in case he passes away before he can write out the books.

When asked if the show would make an impact on his writing, he says the general answer is no. One exception, however, might come thanks to an actress familiar to Harry Potter fans: Natalia Tena, who played Tonks in the Harry Potter films, who plays the wildling Osha in Game of Thrones.

At first, Martin thought she was cast wrong. However, as she auditioned, Martin said he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He finds her portrayal much more interesting than what he had written in the books, so he expressed interest in writing more and better material for her!

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Charlie Sheen lost his virginity at age 15. To a prostitute. Whom he paid for on a credit card. Sheen told Playboy that he once went to Vegas and spent $350 on a prostitute to lose his virginity.

The twist? The credit card was his dad’s! Sheen retold the moment when his dad found out: “I'm watching TV in our living room, and he's in his office 20 feet away... All of a sudden a piece of paper falls in front of me... It's his Visa bill. There's one thing circled, and it's $350.

There's an arrow pointing to it and three words: 'What is this?' He had gone back into my bedroom and was just waiting for me... That was a long walk... I was like a defense attorney going to trial against video evidence."


Christine Ha won the third season of MasterChef. She is the first and only Reality TV cooking show contestant to be visually impaired or blind. Ha likens her sigh impairment to seeing the world through a thick, puffy cloud of white steam. She stuck to making mostly Asian cuisine and keeping it simple.

Her finale rival on the other hand cooked items from across the globe and used fancy techniques. Some criticize that Ha only one for ratings since she is disabled, but the point of the show is to highlight every day cooks at home being able to make extraordinary dishes that top chefs even enjoy. Ultimately, Christine Ha made history by just being on the cooking show, let alone win the whole thing.


Gordon Ramsay is usually a tough-talking TV host. He was brought down a few notches when he traveled to Costa Rica to film his show Shark Bait. The program investigates shark hunting in the Central American country.

Shark hunting games, which are apparently common in Costa Rica, caught Ramsay filming them and attempted to stop him with violence. The chef says he was doused with petrol and that rifles were pointed at him and his crew. Police then warned them to stop filming and leave before someone actually got hurt.


If you're a fan of Game of Thrones you probably know Sibel Kekilli as Shae, Tyrion Lannister's prostitute turned concubine-girlfriend (it would be an 'It's complicated' relationship on Facebook).

However, what you might not know is that Kekilli first became big in Germany for her acting on a movie called Head-On. She won a Lola (like a German Oscar) for her performance on that movie.

Soon after that movie was released, however, it was revealed that she had acted in porno films using the stage name Dilara. There was a public scandals and her parents even broke contact with her.

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Anderson Cooper is a well-known journalist for CNN, and is known for his intense dedication to reporting, often putting himself in dangerous situations to cover the story as best he can. In this particular case, Cooper puts himself in a life threatening situation.

Anderson and his news crew were one of the first major news crews to get into Haiti in 2010 to report what was happening in the country after the horrifying earthquake. As riots broke out, Cooper and his crew found themselves in the middle of a riot where people were throwing rocks, and slabs of concrete.

As the situation worsened, a Haitian boy was hit in the head with a piece of concrete. Anderson Cooper recognized that the boy had been hit, picked him up, and carried him to safely as blood gushed down the boy’s face.

After carrying the boy away, another group of Haitians took the boy and his condition went unknown. It seems that we need more journalists like this, ones that are willing to sacrifice making a story in order to save a life when needed.

Click the source to see the video of this all happening!


Adam Sandler and Chris Farley are two of Saturday Night Live's most famous cast members. Sandler came up with classics like "The Hanukkah Song" and Farley's Chippendale audition is the stuff of SNL legends. It seems they weren't good enough for NBC an the SNL producers though.

While on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien in 2010, Sandler admitted that he and Farley had been fired after the 1995 season. He recounted that no one really wanted to tell him that he was getting fired, but then Farley came running into his office and broke the news to him: "we're getting fired!"

Farley tragically died long before his time, but Sandler went on to make numerous successful comedies. Wonder what would have happened if the two remained on SNL.


John Munch is a fictional character played by Richard Belzer. Mulch first made an appearance on an NBC rime show called Homicide: Life on the Street. When Homicide was cancelled in 1999, Munch became a regular on Law & Order Special Victims Unit.

What’s really interesting is that Munch has made cameo appearances on a lot of other shows, making him the first (an only) character to appear on 10 or more TV shows. Munch has made an appearance on shows like Arrested Development, The X-Files, 30 Rock, The Wire and others.


Joe Rogan is a UFC host, but he looks like one of the fighters he talks about. Rogan trained in martial arts throughout his life and has been a taekwondo champion many times over. His other love was entertainment though, and he got his big break as a stand-up comic. This eventually lead him to his current hosting position.

Rogan has been challenged to a fight though. While the government was investigating actor Wesley Snipes for tax evasion, Snipes challenged Rogan to a cage match that would air live on TV. Rogan maintains that Snipes was looking for some quick cash to pay off his tax debt. Rogan went ahead with it though.

He trained religiously for five months to prepare for the fight. In the end, though, Snipes backed out of the match. Looking at Rogan, can you blame him?


Richard Simmons is a notorious workout instructor or as his website proclaims, "the nation's most revered fitness expert." Simmons struggled with his own weight early in his life, but got healthy when he adopted a workout regimen and balanced diet.

He then moved to Los Angeles and opened his own gym. From there, Simmons became famous for his trademark humor, eccentric workout outfits and fitness videos.

Today, Richard still teaches at his gym, Slimmons, in Beverly Hills. While many celebrity fitness instructors cost a fortune, Simmons teaches classes for just $12 at Slimmons. Sounds like a deal.


Mila Kunis, born Milena Kunis was 7 when her family moved to LA. She immigrated from Russia in 1988, for "many reasons," one of the most important ones being anti-Semitism. She says; "My parents wanted us to have a future, and at that point, 1988, in Russia, there really was no future."

Ironically, when she was 10, Kunis auditioned but failed to get the role of a Russian Jewish girl who moved to America in the film Make a Wish, Molly. However, he did get the part of Mexican girl in the same film. Kunis later went onto act in the popular sitcom "That 70's Show." Kunis suspected that after the show ended, her acting career would be over. Little did she know...


Scooby Doo was Matthew Lillard’s fourth movie with Freddie Prinze Jr. He and his wife have three children together and the guy is 6 foot 3 inches tall. Ever since Lillard played Shaggy Rogers in the 2002 Scooby Doo, Lillard has been voicing Shaggy in the animated Scooby Doo.

His first roles revolved around serial killers. First, he was the son of a sadistic serial murderer and then was a serial murderer himself in the 1996 film Scream. He went to performing arts school with Paul Rudd and he is originally from Michigan, though he went to high school in California. In 1989 he was on Nickelodeon as an MC on SK8 TV.


Bryan Cranston is currently playing chemistry teacher turned meth-cooking badass Walter White on the TV series Breaking Bad. But did you know that he once provided the voice for Snizard and Twin Man on the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

In addition to the Power Rangers, you might have heard Cranston’s voice in a few other places as well: Royal Space Force - The Wings of Honneamise, Macross Plus, and Armitage III Polymatrix, as well as Clerks: The Animated Series.

Before becoming a household name for his role on Breaking Bad, Cranston had previously acted in numerous films and commercials. He’s also well known from his recurring roles on Malcolm in the Middle, From Earth to the Moon, Seinfeld, King of Queens, and many others.

As an interesting side note, Cranston, a.k.a. Mr. White, has witnessed the meth-cooking process so many times for Breaking Bad that he claims he now knows how to make it for real! (Not that that's a good thing...)


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