Hitler structured the Holocaust largely after the Armenian Genocide.

It is often called the “Forgotten Holocaust,” because it is so little known outside of academic circles, but the Armenian Massacres, or Armenian Genocide, is actually the second most heavily studied genocide next to the holocaust, and was the blueprint for Adolf Hitler’s plan of mass extermination. 

Carried out by the Ottoman Empire, deaths are estimated to be as high as two million. Tensions between the Turks and Armenians were tense since the Ottomans formally occupied their territory in the 15th century. While under occupation, the Armenians were constantly exploited and treated as second-class citizens, much like the Jews in Germany. 

Tension escalated until mass killings began. Men, women, and children were routinely rounded up, forced on excruciating marches, tortured, beaten, starved, raped, and eventually killed. 20 countries formerly accept the Armenian massacres as genocide, yet the Turkish government still refuses to acknowledge what occurred.