There is an 19-year-old girl who is still physically a baby.

Posted May 14, by Erin

Brooke Greenberg was born prematurely in Baltimore in 1993. She had an unusual organ system and disfigured hips. Almost no doctors expected her to live more than a year. What no one expected, however, was that at 18, Brooke would be the only known adult to still be physically and mentally 11 months old.

She has shown no signs of aging and the only body parts that have grown at a normal rate are her fingernails and hair. She has trouble digesting and needs to be fed through a tube. Despite this, she is still a happy infant and enjoys the same activities most babies do. Doctors have found that her body is growing at different rates. She has the teeth of an 8-year-old, the brain of a 1-year old and the bones of a 10-year old. 

Despite this strange condition, she has no hormonal or chromosomal problems. Doctors say her development is proceeding 'extremely slowly.' They're trying to figure out exactly what is causing the defect. They think she might hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of aging. 

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