Fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico have alarmed scientists with their recent hauls. The types of fish and other animals they're pulling out of the gulf shows alarming signs of lesions, mutations or other deformities. For example, they've found numerous shrimp with abnormal growths or even without eyes. They've seen crabs with no claws or holes in their shells. Some crabs are rotting while still alive; they look fine outside, but they smell dead when opened. 

Scientists say they've never seen anything like this. Although testing still needs to be done, their early thoughts are that it has a lot to do with the BP oil spill that occurred a couple of years ago. Scientists say that some of the chemicals that were spread around the Ocean are not just toxic, but also mutagenic. Shrimp have such a short lifespan, that two or three generations have already been born since the spill occurred, which is enough time for the chemicals to enter the genome, they say. 

BP and Federal and State agencies say that the injuries are common and that seafood from the Gulf is among the most tested in the world and it is still safe to eat. 


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