Ohio is the only U.S. state that doesn’t have a rectangular flag!

John Eisemann designed the Ohio state flag in 1902. The blue triangle in the flag is to represent the state’s hills and valleys. The stripes represent roads and waterways in Ohio. Ohio is one of the 5 states that make up the Northwest Territory, thus it has 5 stripes on its flag. 

Being the 17th state admitted into the union, the flag has 17 stars on it and the 13 stars above and below the circle are to represent the 13 original colonies. Ohio’s nickname is the Buckeye State, which is why it has the white circle with the red dot in the middle of it. The circle also makes an O, which represents Ohio. 

The flag’s shape is not just unique among States in the American union; it’s one of two flags that are not quadrilateral shaped at a state-level or above, the other being the flag of Nepal. The flag was fashioned after the flags flown by the cavalries during the Civil War and the Spanish-American War.