Alec Baldwin offered to do the voice over of himself in Team America: World Police, even though it was making fun of him!

He was turned down, but it's surprising that he even wanted to. If you wanna check out a puppet Alec Baldwin getting shot by Kim Jung-Il go here.  Other fun facts about Alec:

  • Originally, Alec wanted to be a lawyer. He ended up going to New York University and majored in drama. 
  • He married Kim Basinger and they had 11 dogs, seven cats, and a wolf. Later they divorced. 
  • He is the most famous of the four Baldwin brothers and is brother-in-law to singer Chynna Phillips. 
  • His career got a strong revival from his role in 30 Rock, a fact he mocked on the show.
  • He had an infamous drunken incident. A recording surfaced of Baldwin berating his young daughter. 
  • He’s been threatening to quit acting for a few years now. He recently said next season will be his last on 30 Rock, and that the show is ending as well.
  • While his character on 30 Rock is a staunch Republican, Baldwin is actually a Democrat. His brother Steven is a staunch Republican
  • Although he’s never said anything publically, there are strong rumors that he wants to run for public office.