‘Steady’ Ed Headrick invented the Frisbee and Disc Golf. He even founded the first World Frisbee Championship, Junior World Frisbee Championship, and Frisbee Disc Golf Tournament in 1979. Headrick was a spy during WWII and retrieved information from the Nazis. 

He then became a deep-sea diver and welder. It was through this job that he also invented the oil skimmer after seeing the destruction oil spills cause. He didn't invent and patent the Frisbee until 1970. The 70s were a good decade for him, as he invented most of his other famous creations during that decade. 

During this time he began travelling the U.S. and installing Disc Golf baskets and courses. In 2002 during a tournament in Miami, Headrick died of a stroke. His wife honored his wishes and had an open house party to celebrate his life. 

She then had his body cremated and had the ashes molded into several Frisbees that were given to family and friends.