It can be tempting to cut back on the hours you sleep at night to finish a paper or get some extra work done, but staying awake for 17 hours actually has the same effects on your body as drinking two glasses of wine.

It messes with the brain's ability to function, making it harder to concentrate and affecting judgment.

It's not entirely clear to scientists why we need to sleep because the energy saved by sleeping is fairly low, about 50 kCal.

Sleep simply affects the brain's ability to function. People throughout history, including the famed scientist Thomas Edison, have claimed sleeping is a waste of time, but reality says differently.

Any college student would tell you differently after pulling an all-nighter: Sleep is completely necessary. Different people need different amounts of sleep, the normal ranges are from five to eleven hours of sleep.

In the animal kingdom amounts differ even more. A boa constrictor sleeps eighteen hours while a giraffe sleeps just under two. Who would you rather be: The long-sleeping boa constrictor or the giraffe who could get by on almost no sleep?