The process had been successfully performed in the United Kingdom before. However, it's still impressive that a tooth implanted in the eye can restore sight to blind people. The surgery is not being performed Stateside, and a 60 year old woman named Sharon Thornton was the first to receive it.

Sharon Thornton lost her eyesight over nine years ago and after undergoing the process of osteo-odonto-keratoprosethesis she can now see. What doctors did was extract one of Mrs. Thornton’s canine teeth and shave off the crown. Next the doctors removed the oral mucous membrane from inside her cheek and grafted it to her left eye.

After drilling a hole in the center of the tooth, which allows light to reach the back of her eye, they implanted the odonto-keratoprosthesis, allowing her to regain full eyesight. While for now it has left her with an odd looking eye, Doctors say they will cover her eye with a false lens to make it look completely normal.