Over 86,000 people go to the hospital each year for tripping over their pets!

Posted Mar 21, by Alexander

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but he also seems to be one of his greatest risks! Every year more than 86,000 falls require emergency room care caused by just dogs and cats! That translates into around 240 people every day who are treated for tripping over their pet.

While some cats are involved in the falls, dogs are the real culprits, causing seven times the amount of injuries at cats. While everyone trips over their animals, the elderly are the most at risk and most commonly reported. Dr. Judy Stevens, who lead a study on pets causing falls said, “We wanted people to realize that while pets have many benefits, health-wise and emotionally, they can also be a fall hazard.”

The study, by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, might be the first of its kind. Dr. Stevens realized that no one had ever really gotten any statistics on how often this happens, it was all anecdotal. She found that it occurred more in kids and mid-life adults. However, the more dangerous injuries were among the elderly, as they were more likely to break bones or have further complications.

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