James Dean's most iconic role is A Rebel Without a Cause. In it, he wore a pair of jeans throughout the movie. The actor and the movie were so popular, that teenagers began to wear jeans themselves. This was seen as an act of defiance against society. 

Jeans today are ubiquitous and they are no longer considered a working-man clothing or rebellious. More and more companies are having jeans be their most accepted work-attire, and even high executives in the tech industry wear jeans to most meetings. 

Because jeans are such a staple of clothing, groups like DoSomething are running campaigns to get these items into people who need them. Want to prove teenagers can do good? Join DoSomething.org and Aeropostale and donate your gently used jeans for homeless youth by joining Teens for Jeans! Visit www.TeensForJeans.com to learn more