Jong-il is so embarrassed about his height that he has no official height listed on his records! However, estimates have him measuring in at only about 5’3”!

A former North Korean teacher wrote a paper that shows just how sensitive Kim Jong-Il is about his height One of his mostextreme allegations is that the government sent a message to all short people of North Korea, talking of a drug to make them grow to average heights. Unfortunately, when the short people arrived, they were kidnapped and taken to unknown places where they haven been heard from since! Thousands of people simply went missing because North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-il didn’t want any more short people in the gene pool of his country!

According to his official biography on Kim Jong-il, he is more than human. His birth was followed by swallows, double rainbows, and a new star emerging in the sky! Also according to the biography? Kim Jong-il doesn’t poop.