In what is now known just as "The Run," Archie Karas had the best winning streak in Las Vegas history. A greek immigrant living in Los Angeles, he decided to drive to Las Vegas with only $50 in his pockets. He started gambling and went on a hot streak. Playing on a combination of poker and pool, he turned the $50 (with some helpful loans) into $17 million. 

To do this, He started playing high stakes pool, betting everything he had on every game, winning over $3,000,000 from just one person! Eventually he turned to high stakes poker and on his way, he beat some of the best poker players in the world. By the end of his run, he had amassed over $40 million! He always carried a gun with him, because he carried his money with him at all times! 

Sadly, he ended up losing all that money in a period of just 3 weeks. He lost $20 million playing dice, then switched to baccarat where he lost $17 million, a few weeks later, he lost the rest of his money on both those games.