The 10th president of the United States has two grandchildren that are still alive!

John Tyler was the 10th president of the United States and is well-known as the first vice president to finish a deceased president’s term. He served as vice president for the 32 days of William Henry Harrison’s presidency before the president fell ill and died.

John Tyler had 15 children, and many grandchildren. Two of his grandsons are still alive today. Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr. is 86 years old. His brother, Harrison Tyler, is 83. They were both born well over 60 years after their famous grandfather had died. Their father, Lyon Tyler Sr., passed away in 1935, when the two Tyler brothers were still children. Lyon Jr. and Harrison both went to college at William and Mary. Lyon was a WWII Navy veteran and is now a retired history professor. Harrison is a retired chemical engineer. He now takes care of Sherwood Forest, the plantation where President Tyler lived.

Here's a profile on Harrison Tyler in the Virginia Tech magazine. There's also a profile on Lyon Tyler Jr. on the website for his local branch of the Lion's Club here