\"\" When you search for gay-related topics on Google, a rainbow appears beside the search bar!

This is a feature that Google has added in order to celebrate Gay Pride Month, which occurs every June. The rainbow has been a symbol for the gay community ever since San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker created a rainbow flag back in 1978. Baker unveiled his symbol of sexual pride 33 years ago next week, flying it in San Francisco\'s Freedom Day Parade on June 25, 1978. The alteration to their search bar is by no means a new trend - Google has shown a great deal of support for the gay community for some time now. The search giant recently finished second to IBM on the newest iteration of the International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce\'s list of companies that provide the best work environment for LGBT employees. They also chose to feature the \"It Gets Better Project\" in a commercial for their Chrome browser last month in the face of a great deal of criticism by anti-gay rights activists.