\"\" Pikachu was not originally supposed to be Ash’s starting Pokémon - it was Clefairy!

This would have made the TV series much more similar to the “Pocket Monsters” manga. In these Japanese comics the main character, ‘Red’, is competing with his rival ‘Green’ to become a Pokémon champion. Red’s Clefairy is actually very vulgar and obnoxious, with both main characters shown in the nude at the end of the comic’s second chapter, which may be why it was never released here in the West. The “Pocket Monsters” manga diverges quite a bit from the regular Pokémon canon - the Pocket Monsters are able to speak in full sentences, they can evolve and devolve whenever they feel like doing so, and normal animals appear in this universe alongside the monsters. Pikachu, Clefairy’s younger “cousin” in the series, also accompanies Red but is unable to talk!