\"\" There are no state laws in Vermont against nudity.

In fact, until 2007 it was completely legal to wander around naked in public in the town of Brattleboro, VT. Vermont doesn’t have any nudity laws, keeping public nudity an issue to be dealt with at the local level. However, Brattleboro didn’t have any laws banning it all! As a response to waves of people from across the country, including teenagers and the elderly, treating Brattleboro like a giant nudist colony, the town’s government passed an emergency ordinance, finally banning nudity for good. Before this move, it wasn’t uncommon to see a senior citizen from Arizona running through the center of town wearing nothing but sandals and a fanny-pack. Now the exhibitionists face a $100 fine.


Brattleboro has since made headlines again in 2008 for voting to arrest the President of the United States if he ever set foot in the town. I guess you could say they really don’t want to see Bush in Brattleboro.