\"\" A puma, cougar, panther, and mountain lion are all the same animal.

This species of cat has a formal species name of “Puma concolor”, so it might be more accurately referred to as a puma. Its naming conventions vary by region and, in addition to the 4 common names listed above, it also has been dubbed “painter”, “catamount”, and “mountain screamer”. Also, if you’ve been following our animal twitter account OMG Facts Animals you also know that, regardless of the name it goes by, this animal is classified in the “small cat” subfamily. That may seem kind of confusing, since the puma can easily be as big as a jaguar. However, the subfamily Felinae isn’t just for domestic cats. Felinae is also home to the cheetah, the lynx, and the ocelot. Pumas are more closely related to these cats than they are to the “big cats” in the Pantherinae subfamily (lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars).