\"\" Queen Victoria survived 7 assassination attempts!

Two of the attempts occurred within two days of each other! One of the Queen’s attempted assassins shot at her and escaped, so the Prime Minister used her as bait to catch him. She and her husband returned to the same location (along with plainclothes police officers) two days later to draw out the gunman. The crazy thing was, this plan actually worked!

In addition to assassination attempts, she also had a crazy man chase her on her carriage claiming that she stole the throne from him, and another man hit her in the face with his cane!

More fun facts: Three of the assassination attempts occurred in the same year. Three of her would-be assassins received reduced sentences because their pistols were either broken or improperly loaded. Four of the attempts occurred in the same location, on Constitution Hill. Three of her attackers were found to be insane, and were sent to mental institutions instead of prison.

None of her attackers were given the death penalty, and only one a life sentence (the one who attacked her twice). Three of the attackers (including the crazy man that chased her) went to a mental asylum, though one of them was released after 7 years and allowed to leave the country. Two of the attackers were transported to Australia for 7 years, one received only an 18-month sentence, and one was caned 20 times and given a 1 year prison sentence. Victoria wasn’t thrilled about all of the light sentences. At the Queen’s insistence, the laws were changed so that defendants could be found both “insane” AND “guilty”.