\"\" Back in 2005, Iraqi terrorists held an action figure “hostage” and tried to claim it was a U.S. soldier.

As you can tell from the above photo, the “victim” bares a striking resemblance to the “Cody” action figure that was produced for military bases by American toy manufacturer Dragon Models, Inc. back in 2003. That’s weird...they even sport the same uniform and accessories. Nobody would look very happy with a rifle pointed at their head, of course, but this soldier looks a bit TOO solemn about it...unnaturally so, even.

This is because the photograph is a complete hoax! When the photograph was released, the U.S. military hadn\'t reported any missing troops in Iraq, let alone this “John Adam” - the name the captors provided on the website where the photograph was originally posted. In addition to the inauthenticity of the figure, a number of other elements in the photo also appear to have been doctored. You\'ll notice that the kidnappers\' gun in the photo is one of the accessories that comes with the action figure, and there\'s no one holding it in place.