\"\" Kissing can cause cavities.

Sugary candy gets a bad rap for rotting out people’s teeth, but the real perpetrators are bacteria that can collect on your teeth and gums! The microbes stay alive by feeding on leftover food particles in your mouth, and the acid that they subsequently produce is what causes tooth decay. These organisms can be spread by any sort of mouth-to-mouth contact, including smooching your lover! Dentists have seen the worst of this at times when a person with a pristine mouth begins dating someone who has poor oral hygiene (most often men). Despite the former’s best dental habits, they may just end up with a couple fillings of their own simply from receiving bacteria due to sucking face with their less diligent significant other!

Another common and easy way for this bacteria to spread is when parents feed their young children. Oftentimes, a mother or father will taste baby food to test its temperature and then proceed to feed their child. This is a recipe for cavities, especially because there is less of an emphasis on brushing the teeth of young babies. A 2007 study administered by the University of Queensland’s School of Dentistry in Australia found that this cavity-causing bacteria resides in 30% of 3-month-olds and over 80% of 2-year-olds!

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