\"\" Live animals are being sold as keyrings in China.

This may be one of the most cruel facts we’ve ever published. Chinese sidewalk vendors have recently begun selling animals sealed inside airtight packaging as keyring accessories! Anyone heartless enough to purchase one of these trinkets has the option of abusing a tiny Brazil turtle or two small kingfish, each trapped inside a plastic pouch with some colored water. One salesman claimed that the creatures could live as long as several months because the water contains “nutrients” - a claim that is unlikely at best.

Even if this were true, it doesn’t excuse the fact that the creatures have no space to move around in, very little air, and are likely to be smashed in someone’s pocket. The worst part is that this practice is completely legal! Chinese law prohibits the sale of wild animals, but apparently the legislation does not apply to selling turtles and fish in such inhumane fashion.