\"\" It is illegal to kill a Sasquatch.

Disclaimer: This is a rare case in which a “dumb law” submitted to our site is actually based on fact and not pulled out of thin air. 99.99% of the time we ignore these, so please don’t send any more of them unless you can prove that they are true.

Despite the fact that the existence of bigfoot has never been proven, there are actual laws against killing it. Specifically, Skamania County in Washington state has had an ordinance against killing Sasquatch since 1969, and Whatcom County, also in Washington state, passed a resolution against killing Sasquatch in 1992. Why do this? Well, in addition to the fact that Sasquatch, if it really exists, would be an endangered species, there are also public safety considerations. People can easily be confused for the legendary creature from a distance, so letting bigfoot-hunters run around your neighborhood would probably be a bad idea.

Here’s a list of Skamania County ordinances, which includes the “Sasquatch Protection” ordinance.

And here’s a resolution declaring Whatcom County a “Sasquatch Refuge and Protection Area”.

Thanks to Courthouse Libraries for clearing this up.