A man was paid $100,000 to get breast implants.

Brian Zembic is a professional gambler who has had his fair share of bad luck. He has made a name for himself by participating in elaborate bets. In the past he had agreed to live in a bathroom for a week for $14,000, and he lived in a box for a week for $25,000. However, his biggest claim to fame is when he agreed to live with breast implants for $100,000. He did what he would later call his \"most stupid\" bet out of desperation in 1996 after losing over $100,000 from a bad stock tip.

The breast implants themselves cost $4500. Zembic was able to get the procedure done for free after beating a cosmetic surgeon at backgammon. The original bet was based on an argument he had with another gambler who, after opining that getting breast implants was a crazy thing for women to do, bet Zembic $100,000 that he couldn\'t have breast implants for over a year. Zembic took him up on the offer, received the $100,000 in 1997, and as of 2006, still has breast implants.

Check out this (potentially NSFW) interview from \"The Man Show\" with Zembic. Are you allowed to show bare breasts on television if they\'re on a man?

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