8 Reasons You Won't Look at Everyday Fruit the Same Way Again

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A banana and a green tomato in a closed container will turn red overnight!

Bananas are good for plenty of things. Eating a banana can help cheer you up; it’s the only fruit to contain the amino acid typtophan plus Vitamin B6 which helps the body produce the natural mental depression alleviating chemical serotonin. Bananas help prevent constipation; an enzyme called fructiooligosaccharide hinders the fermentation of bananas in the intestinal track. And bananas are also great for ripening those pesky green tomatoes! 

Sealing a ripening banana with two or three tomatoes, and placing it in a warm area away from sunlight will cause the banana to give off an exceptionally large amount of a natural plant hormone called ethylene. Ethylene affects cell growth and cell shape; in fruits it work towards ripening them. 

As a result, in a matter of 1-2 days both the banana and the green tomatoes will ripen and adopt that red hue. 

This is just one of the banana’s many amazing capabilities that makes it the 4th largest agricultural product in the world. It is… Oh bananas, we’d go apes without you....and tomatoes aren’t too bad either, I guess. 


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