Top 9 Most Unusual Facts About Famous Musicians

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The Black Eyed Peas have been sued for copyright infringement three times in the past year.

The first of these lawsuits was filed last January by hip-hop duo Phoenix Phenom. The pair claims that the Peas ripped off their tune "Boom Dynamite," which they claim was submitted to Interscope Records (B.E.P.'s record label) a year before the Peas recorded their megahit "Boom Boom Pow."

About a month ago, funk legend George Clinton also sued the Peas, stating that they sampled his 1979 song "(Not Just) Knee Deep" in a remix of their song "Shut Up" without his permission. Both the "Shut Up" remix and "Boom Boom Pow" appeared on The E.N.D., an album which earned the Peas the 2009 Grammy Award for Album of the Year..

And finally, a copyright suit was filed last October by Texas-based musician Bryan Pringle. He believes the group stole from a song off his demo called "Take A Dive." The tune is noticeably similar to "I Gotta Feeling" by the Peas (also from the same album), which also holds the distinction as the most downloaded iTunes song ever!

Take a listen and decide for yourself below...these allegations could be a major "black eye" for the Peas!

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