15 Facts You Should Know About Soccer

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Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho first gained media attention after he scored every goal in a 23-0 game at age 13.

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, or Ronaldinho, is a Brazilian football (soccer) star who has twice won FIFA World Player of the Year. Ronaldinho was born in Porto Alegre as the son of a salesperson and shipyard worker. 

His father had also played football, but had died of a heart attack when Ronaldinho was eight. When Ronaldinho’s older brother signed with a football team, the family moved to a more wealthy area. It was short lived, though, as his brother ended his career after an injury.

 When Ronaldinho was only 8, he also began to show skills in football. When he was 13, and scored 23 goals in a 23-0 victory against a local team. He was identified as a rising star at the 1997 U-17 World Championship, where he scored two goals from penalty kicks. 

From there, his fame rose to where he is today. If you remember when YouTube was brand new, you might recall that a 2005 Nike advertisement featuring Ronaldinho performing impressive feats with a soccer ball was the first YouTube video to break 1 million views. 


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