7 Most Unforgettable Facts About The Simpsons

Posted Mar 06, by Alison Stanton

The choice of color for the Simpsons characters was very strategic, actually. As soon as Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, was given a drawing of the characters in yellow by an animator, he knew it was perfect. 

The idea was that whenever someone was flipping through the channels, they would automatically know The Simpsons was on when they saw the yellow bodies flash by. Speaking of characters, all of them are a digit short of a full, human-like hand. Actually, the only character to ever have five fingers on a hand was God. 

Until 1998, the 8 main voice actors for The Simpsons received $30,000 per episode. From 1998 until 2004 they made $125,000 per episode. Today, they receive $400,000 per episode. The theme song was created by Danny Elfman in 1989. He composed the now famous song in just two days time. That’s not too bad for a two day job. 


So, what happened? The producers had always intended for him to be white, but a blunder occurred at the animation stage and the color scheme was completely messed up.

The animators were originally going to go along with this, until someone pointed out that having a black subservient character might cause controversy.

They changed the color scheme back in his second appearance to avoid unintentional racism.

For those of you who don't konw, Waylon Smithers is Mr Burns' assistant and care-provider in the TV show 'The Simpsons.'

He has an unhealthy obsession with 'Malibu Stacy' dolls and is often used to represent the stereotype of a closeted gay man. Some more interesting facts about The Simpsons:

  • Many characters' middle initial is J.
  • Kang and Kodos, the two alien characters, are named after Star Trek characters.
  • 'The Simpsons' holds the world records for the longest running prime time TV show and most guest stars on a TV show.
  • The series has parodied Citizen Kane so often that it has often been claimed you could re-enact the entire movie using clips from the show.
  • Many characters are named after streets in Portland, Oregon.


It was called “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire,” and strangely, one of the most successful cartoons of all time began as a Christmas special! Why would they choose to air that episode first? Despite originally supposed to be the eighth episode of the season, it was moved because of time.


The episode aired on December 17, 1989. Written by Mimi Pond and directed by David Silverman, it would go on to be nominated for two Emmy Awards in 1990 and received immensely positive reviews. The episode consists of Homer learning that he will not get a bonus, so the family has no money for presents.

To solve the problem he gets a job as a mall Santa, but discovers that he still won’t make enough money, so him and Bart bet the money at a dog-racing track.


In February, The Simpsons celebrated their 500th episode. They invited their viewers to participate in a marathon that they hope will lead to a new world record for the longest continuous television viewing. The time to beat was 86 hours, 6 minutes, and 41 seconds. 

Their goal was to watch 500 continuous episodes at Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles. The winner would take home $10,500 and some special merchandise. The Simpsons already holds a couple Guinness World Records including longest running animated series, longest running sitcom, and most Emmy Awards won for an animated series. 

The Simpsons is currently in their 23rd season and full of guest voices from Lady Gaga to Michael Cera. Glenn Close will return as Homer’s mother, Mona. Lady Gaga taught Lisa to love herself in an episode and Lisa fell in love with Michael Cera in the Valentine’s Day episode.


The Simpsons is known for its long running Couch gag at the beginning of each episode. However, that's not the only fun and cool thing that the show has done. Sprinkled across multiple episodes, the show features clips from a movie starring McBain, a movie star in the same vein as Schwarzenegger and Stallone. However, if you put these clips together, you can actually form a full coherent story! 

The Simpson fans were clamoring for a movie for years, but they didn't know they already had one inside the show!

Many shows are limited in the material they can broadcast by the network they are on, yet the TV show, “The Simpsons,” is not one of them. Networks like to have control over the shows they air so they can ensure no material is inappropriate or will put off viewers, but in the case of “The Simpsons” producers were able to negotiate a specific contract in which FOX could not make decisions or cuts to episodes.

The reason the show was able to negotiate this was because FOX was struggling as a TV network when “The Simpsons” signed on. Because they did not have large viewership they were desperate to get different shows to join their network, and so they allowed “The Simpsons” to air their episodes almost independently of FOX. This provision also allowed the show to make fun of FOX, which most other shows can’t do that easily! 


Simon was instrumental in the creation of The Simpsons more than two decades ago. Time called the TV show the best in the 20th century. He hasn’t been a producer on the TV series in over 15 years, but is still credited in each episode. 

It is a tribute and thanks to him for how he helped lay the foundation of the show and hired many of its long time writers. Simon had a way of making the cartoon characters three dimensional. 

Simon still makes money from the show, too. Today, though, Simon’s main focus is on his foundation named the Sam Simon Foundation. The foundation rescues dogs from the pound and trains them to be companions to the deaf. He dabbles in a lot of things, though, too.

He had a poker show on the Playboy Channel and enjoys collecting art. He was a manager for the boxer Lamon Brewster and took him to the Heavyweight Championships and then retired. 


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