Top 10 Strangest Animal Sex Facts

Posted Mar 24, by Jose Duarte

Talk about beer goggles. The bottles have the some of the features that the beetles find attractive. They're big, orange / brownish, and the dimple at the bottom of the bottle reflects light in the same way a female's wing covers would.

As a result of the un-'canny' resemblance, the males can't help but fall head over heels for the bottles and try to have sex with them. Obviously, they're unsuccessful, but being the troopers that they are, they try until the hot Australian sun kills them.

Keith Chen and Laurie Santos gave capuchin monkeys a silver piece with a hole and taught them that the coins could be traded for things like fruit. After all the monkeys understood, each one was given 12 coins to spend on items like grapes and Jell-O.

To find out if the monkeys were mindlessly spending, Chen and Santos lowered the price of Jell-O and raised the price of grapes. The monkeys responded by buying more Jell-O and less grapes, just like how humans act with cash.

The monkeys were even taught to gamble and the monkeys made the same choices as a human would! Later on, observers noticed that one of the capuchin monkeys paid another monkey for sex using the specialty coins. Monkeys aren’t so different from us after all. Also, check out Gaby's video on this here


The Brazilian wandering spider appeared in the Guinness World Records 2010 as the world's most venomous spider. The neurotoxin causes loss of muscle control and asphyxiation, and the bite causes intense pain and inflammation.

However, the venom can also cause priapism, a medical condition in which the penis or clitoris does not return to its flaccid state. These erections can last for many hours and even cause impotence! Still, scientists have broken down the components of the venoms and are studying one of them as treatment for erectile dysfunction!

It seems right now they haven't been able to get the treatment to achieve the erectile function without causing loss of muscle control... which would render the treatment pointless. Still, they're hard at work trying to figure this out. 

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Barnacles can grow penises up to eight times their body length!

As you know, a barnacle is stuck to a rock all the its sex life is probably one of the LAST things you’d ever think about. But despite their sedentary lifestyle, these creatures are not asexual (though they ARE hermaphrodites). In fact, barnacles have the longest penis length relative to body size in the ENTIRE animal kingdom! Each year, a barnacle regrows its penis based on the conditions of the water near which it has planted itself. If the waters are calm, barnacles grow phalluses that are long and flexible. But if the tides are rougher, a barnacle grows a shorter member that is more muscular.

The squat-penised barnacles were found to fertilize an equal number of eggs whether they mated in rough or calm waters. On the other hand, though barnacles with longer sex organs struggled in rough waters, they fertilized more eggs than any other group when mating in calm waters. This shows that, for barnacles, sometimes wider is better...but when it comes down to ideal conditions, it’s good to be well-endowed.

A common pesticide can make some male frogs lay eggs.

Recent research has shown that trazine, which is used to kill bugs on many American crops, can not only give male frogs feminine characteristics, it can make them completely female!

Widely known to interfere with animals' reproductive systems, atrazine has been banned within the European Union for the past seven years. Existing research had shown that it can reduce testosterone and sperm production in male frogs and even cause them to become attracted to males, but the potential for a complete sexual transformation is a new discovery and could help explain a worldwide population decline in amphibians.

In light of these developments, the Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that it will reassess its previous evaluation of atrazine.

Read more at National Geographic.

This is because of the way clownfish sexuality works. Within a school of clownfish, all babies are born males. The largest and most dominant fish will eventually undergo a sex change and become a female. The new female then breeds with the largest male of the school.

If the female dies, then the breeding male steps up, changes sex and becomes the breeding female! Then the next highest male becomes the breeding male. Clownfish are what's called protandrous hermaphrodites, or a group of animals that naturally exhibits the ability to change sex from male to female. It certainly puts Finding Nemo in a different perspective!


A queen ant mates only once in its lifetime.

Though it has a short mating period, a queen may choose to mate with several different partners during that span of time. She stores the collected sperm for in a pouch called the spermatheca and the sperm remains there until a valve opens to allow the sperm to fertilize her eggs. The queen dictates how each egg is to develop - unfertilized eggs become male workers, and fertilized eggs turn into females. The queen then secrets a chemical that inhibits wing and ovary development in all females until she has produced enough workers to allow for a new queen to be born.
Nature preserves are showing porn to pandas to increase their sex drives.

Male pandas have notoriously low sex drives, and pandas are extremely picky when choosing mates. This makes it very difficult when trying to encourage pandas to reproduce in captivity. This is really bad for the survival of their species, especially since there are only 1600 pandas in the wild, and an additional 294 in captivity. So how can we save the pandas? Panda Porn!

Researches in China have begun showing videos of pandas having sex to male pandas in their cages to encourage them to have sex. So far, it's working! 60% of male pandas in captivity are able to have sex now, up from a low of 25%.

The scientists are also experimenting with a couple other fertility practices. They are incorporating a workout routine for male pandas designed to increase their hind leg strength and stamina. They're also encouraging young pandas to engage in threesomes with older panda couples to get the young male pandas interested in sex at an early age.

In a 2007 news story, it was revealed that a reporter from Tampa, Florida, was successful in trying to replicate an experiment conducted on 1944. The experiment, “Response of Captive Alligators to Auditory Stimulation,” had one goal, which was to see how gators reacted to certain sounds (as the name suggests). 

The experiment was conducted at Gatorland, a tourist attraction near Kissimmee, Florida. William Mickelsen, the Florida Orchestra’s star tuba player and one of his students played different notes on the tuba to see how gators reacted. When a B flat was played, alligators swam toward the tuba players. 

When the tuba players went down to the boardwalk and played through the wood, the male alligators even repeated the B flat. It was also confirmed that it is only the mating male alligators who are attracted. 

They are famously noisy during the spring (mating season), which could explain a link to the response to the B flat. Tim Williams, an alligator wrangler who guided the group, claims to have also heard gators respond to the sound of airboats. 


This is not to be confused with having two penises. It's rather, a bifurcated penis. A bifurcated penis separates into two columns thus having two ends. It isn't exclusive to Koalas either. All male marsupials except for the two largest species of kangaroos have bifurcated penises. Think of the reason why that might be the case... 

Yes, that means the females have two vaginal openings. Some other interesting marsupial facts: Echidnas, native to Australia, have a four headed penis. Only two of the heads are used during mating, though. The other two “shut down” and don’t grow during sex. The echidna swaps out its penises each time it mates


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