\"\" A couple plans on naming their kid “Snickers”.

Tim and Jennifer Scarne are trying to convince the M&M Mars company to pay for their daughter’s college education in exchange for the lifetime sponsorship. “Snickers” Scarne wouldn’t have been conceived without in vitro fertilization. This, in combination with a surgical procedure to remove a growth in the unborn child’s chest, caused the Scarnes to realize that parenthood is going to be expensive. They hope that ,with sponsorship, they can at least alleviate the costs of her education. The Scarnes are fans of the Snickers candy bar, so the name actually means a lot to them. They also promise that if they get the Mars company deal, they won’t try to weasel out of it by calling her by her middle name.

Tim launched the “Name Me Snickers” campaign last month. You can learn more about the campaign, and view a message from Tim at HyperVocal.com.